Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bad trade

this is a glimpse of what a typical afternoon looks like in the montgomery house, rather outside of the montgomery house. 

unfortunately we've traded these smiles in for...

...more(and i do mean a lot more!) vomit and diarrhea.  seriously! this picture was actually taken at the target parking lot, on january 1st, when ryder threw up for what we hoped would be the last time for many years to come.  as life would have it, less than 3 weeks later, we are back with the loss of bodily fluids.  if you're thinking, they should've got their flu shots!  the pediatrician says it's not the "flu," but rather the stomach virus.  believe me, i asked the doc as i was cursing my own name for not marching us all in for those dang shots.  all that to say, we have this lovely little "stomach virus" that is soon to be making it's way through our home.  come on by, we've got plenty to share;)
victim #1
victim #2
he spent most of his waking hours fussing and crying while victim #1 reminded me several hundred a few times that his tummy hurt.  it was a glorious day that might have included a phone call to stew to let him know that i wanted to quit my job.  he's a good man and knew that a quick trip home to give me a 45 minute break, might be enough to keep me on the payroll.  he was right. amazing what 45 minutes of alone time will do for the soul!
   truth be told, we have been spoiled with amazing family and friends who have showered us with food, a listening ear and magazines.  thank you all!  in the midst of this minor(seems kinda major when you're in it, but don't all first world problems?;)) obstacle, we have felt loved and that's the greatest.

any guesses on
victim #3??


parsonsfamily said...

I hope NO victim # 3. And I almost vomited myself when you showed us the evidence. I'm bringing you chocolate cake tomorrow....BTSCake, to be specific. That will help at least, right?

The Montgomerys said...

yay for no #3!! thank you for that ridiculous cake- you are a spoiler! looking forward to playing again:)


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