Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

belmont friends

sunday we headed back to the belmont retirement center to make marshmallow snowmen.  let me just say that there was lots of sugar eating and a little bit of the snowmen building.  at any given point ryder was either licking the plate or stuffing his cheeks with big white puffs of sugar.  weird that they were a little rowdy.
ms. sarah is so sweet, always encouraging the boys and telling us what a treat it is to see us.  she is totally that gem of a lady that makes me think about how i want to be joyful and grateful at every age. 

i wasn't lying when i said he was licking the plate(he might've learned that nasty adorable little habit from his mother). 

seriously though!  i'd also like to add that he ate 6 pieces of toast with a stick of butter before we arrived.  the child can eat!

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