Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, January 8, 2012

sawyer's 3!!

saturday we celebrated this little hunk.  seriously, check out his outfit!
happy birthday,  sawyer!  thanks for letting us celebrate with you!
 sawyer is a total rocker!  he has his own drums and all.  
did i mention that he was gifted a REAL electric guitar for his birthday?!  tell me he doesn't look like he belongs in a band!
 this ridiculously fun jam session was a totally new scene for our boys (blame it on their parents lack of any musical talent).  they were slow to warm up, but soon found themselves having a great time. 
i might have played the recorder or clarinet in my day.  hot cross buns, anyone?  
 proud little sister.
and just when i thought there was no way that my kids would want to play the drums, ryder wanted a turn!
as for now, we'll play that very loud instrument when we visit sawyer.   this mom isn't sure she'd make it with three boys pounding on the drums all day.  

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