Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas eve (part 2)

after the boys took naps on christmas eve we headed to my parents for a little dinner and fun.  my mom made homemade lasagna this year and it was delicious!  we ate, played and spent time with family. 

my dad found shooting rockets at a garage sale and the boys were outside for much of the night,  launching them as high as they could.  great find, dad!  

what a hunk! (he might not let me keep this one up since he wasn't overly excited to have his picture taken:))
aunt bonnie brought christmas bingo with prizes.  totally fun for all ages!

dad, great aunt beede and great aunt marguerite

the cane is always a hit with isaac.  i am happy to report that this year he didn't whip it around in the air, nearly taking my great aunts out! 

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