Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, January 21, 2012

sugar packets and electrical outlets

we joined some friends at the little carlsbad airport for a morning of watching airplanes.   the kids did not all stand like this the whole time (thanks to the security guard who reminded us that the sign said to stay off).   soon enough, the kids were running all over, chasing, eating, tackling, stealing sugar packets from the outdoor restaurant tables and even playing with an electrical outlet.  we like to call this parenting at it's finest.
this character soon caught wind of the electrical outlet and had plans of his own.

and then he realized i had planted myself in front of his goal.  his happy smile soon turned to this sad little whine(my favorite!  please note the sarcasm.).  one of the hardest parts of a one year old is their lack of reason.  he was certain i was out to ruin his time and was not easily redirected(if you have tips, i will gladly receive them.).  love the persistence that each one of our boys has had in life.  they set their eyes on a goal and mom is merely an obstacle to overcome.  i am thinking this strong persistence will serve them well in life, as for now i am hoping to survive it;)

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