Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

christmas continues

christmas afternoon we headed to papa alan and grandma chris' to celebrate with the montgomery side of the family.   we were glad we made it in time to see papa alan before he headed off to work.  

our boys were loving helping open everyones gifts.  i think our family likes the unwrapping part almost as much as the actual gift. 

my sweet baby sat on my lap for an extended amount of time.  i should have known then that he was terribly sick.  this child doesn't believe in sitting still, ever!  

all the cousins in attendance. not sure emma was too excited about being squished between all these boys. 

christmas night we put all the boys to bed and stew and i watched our last christmas movie for the season, love actually(thanks, karen!).  at around 10pm i went up to feed asher one last time for the night and found him in a crib of vomit:(  poor little guy had been sick all day.  turns out the stomach bug made him feel sick for around 4 days, taking down the rest of the family as well.  as i type i am looking at isaac, asleep on the floor in front of me.  he's officially the last of our crew to be taken down with the flu.  this one was nasty!  it lasts forever(ok, we've only had it in our family for 1.5 weeeks, but that feels like forever)!  here's to hoping that we have officially gotten the flu over with for the year!  fingers crossed.

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