Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a welcomed visit

my aunt called tuesday night and asked if she could come down for the day. apparently my mom let her know that my tuesday was a bit difficult. tuesdays are usually pretty crazy for us between preschool, speech and everything else we try to squeeze in. it didn't help that isaac's new fill-in speech teacher said that he and the other three little 3 year old boys need to learn to sit still and stay on task. and yes, while she's telling me this my son and another little boy were throwing balls back and forth and laughing as hard as they could. all that to say i was thrilled to have my aunt come down for the day. it was nice to have her company and have her remind me how normal it is for boys to be active and want to play. and to be totally honest i am still working on sitting still in my old age.

after speech we headed to the park for some much needed friend time.

i am not going to share the details of our fun trip to target because it involved me leaving behind my cart in order to take a crying child to the car. fortunately this child pulled it together and we did get to have dinner at islands. thanks auntie!


lklomicka said...

What 3 year old boy sits still? None that I know of!! And putting 3 of them together? Ya, right. Don't stress about it for one second. He's a great kid.

Evelyn said...

That filling in teacher obviously has not worked with many 3 year old boys. Mikey is a very mellow dude, he will sit still for a whole, oh 30 seconds :) They are so young still, they just want to play.

The Montgomerys said...

when i think about it i know that 3 year olds love to play but in the moment i felt defeated. i've decided an hour for speech is way too long for a little guy. we're hoping to change it. thanks for the kind words!


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