Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, October 15, 2011

9 months...

cutie 9 asher, you are a little piece of heaven! i wish i had your height and weight to record, but you are the third and i've never been great with those well check appointments. we'll get there. the good news is that you are currently without a cold, ear infection or any other sickness( a huge feat with two older brothers). you are working on your fifth tooth! you're a crazy man with these teeth. you love playing with your brothers. they enjoy throwing a blanket over your head and watching you escape from it. you're just thrilled they're laughing and so you go along with it.  you also have some mad dance skills.  when i sing the "oh yeah" song you bounce up and down and you do it with serious bounce.  we howl!  you are a total cuddle bug and i eat it up. you love to put your head on my chest and throw that thumb in your mouth. i seriously feel like the world could stop each time this happens. i've never had a thumb sucking cuddler and it's such a treat! your dad and i agree that having you join our family has been a smooth transition for us. of course it hasn't all been easy, but it's been much easier than when we first started in on this whole parenting thing. i must admit i am a little sad that you're growing up so quickly.  time is flying!  happy 9 months, little hunky.  you are loved!looking at pumpkin


eating pumpkin

baby asher 9 in hat

in hat

on side with pumpkin

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