Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, October 3, 2011

papa's idea

on our way to seals
stew was gone on his guys trip, my mom was gone on a girls trip and my aunt was on her way to hawaii!  fortunately my in laws came over to watch the boys on friday morning/afternoon(THANK YOU!) and my dad jumped in on the fun saturday(THANK YOU!).  my dad had the idea of taking the boys down to la jolla to see the seals.  after a little detour we found ourselves a perfect little parking spot with a little walk to the seals.  the boys were thrilled to be with papa and so was i!  i never do as well when stew is gone and i hate being all alone.  i think i get lonely and things just feel off without him.  fortunately the weekend seemed to fly by with all the help of friends and family:)

looking out

on ledge

happy baby

watching seals

boys with dad on rocks

papa and asher


dad and asher on ledge

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