Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

make that three

it was a weekend of celebration.  i'd like to start off by saying that i am still celebrating the fact that i made it through friday night's food poisoning sneak attack(thanks for the help, hubs)!  the only thing i can pin it on was the seaweed salad at costco.  not even sure if it was that, but i can tell you it will be a VERY LONG time before i have bacteria seaweed salad again.  fast forward to saturday afternoon;  me and my crackers (no, i am not pregnant, it was food poisoning!)  were off to a great little sprinkle for karen and her third little BOY!   this sweet little boy is going to be welcomed by two amazing big brothers and a whole lot of fun friends.  we're all excited and ready to meet him!
girls party planners the amazing party planners. great job ladies!group thanks for the pictures, melissa!

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