Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, October 9, 2011

pizza, s'mores and more

friday our boys went camping for their first time!  stew and a few other dads were up for the adventure and boy were the kids excited.  good planning, men!  it was awesome(and not just because i didn't have to spend the night)!  stew took the boys over to the san elijo campground around 3 pm where they met up with friends and started in on their "camping".  baby asher and i joined the crew closer to 5 and what a sight to see.  as i pulled up dads were putting up tents while the kids were running around with sticks(yep, sticks!) in hand, making the occasional stop by the fire pit to play with the ash(no joke!).  i couldn't help but laugh.  stew wasn't as amused :) fortunately once all the craziness died down everyone seemed to have a great time.  oh, and did i mention that i did NOT spend the night?  this was a dads only event.  bummer;)


tent setup

huffmans in car

pizza time


daniel on the log


this was ryder at his cleanest.  the kid was seriously COVERED in dirt!

and so was this character.  i am pretty sure brayden and ryder have the gift of being dirty!


dad and kids


addison- cute!
yep, she's always this adorable!  and if you haven't seen her dance you are missing out.

we're smiling because we know we get to take a shower and sleep in our warm beds!
kids tackle matt

daniel covered in sand
a favorite photo from the night! brayden and addison  can you tell she has an older brother? parsons



us on beach

morning after and this was from saturday morning(thank you, karen!). our boys were up at 6 and off to get donuts before they threw down breakfast at pipes.


Jamie said...

Looks like you all had some SERIOUS fun! Way to go campers!

Jamie said...

Looks like you all had some SERIOUS fun! Way to go campers!


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