Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, October 7, 2011

friday phone dump

the best thing about my phone, aside from allowing me to keep in touch with friends, is that it allows me to take pictures without a real camera. i love how kelle hampton does her friday phone dump and it got me thinking about all the photos that i never "dump."  in hopes of changing that here are a few from this past week... flowers from isaac isaac picked these out for me last friday with stew. he didn't want the roses but a friend of ours owns the flower shop and threw them in. stew said he would barely leave with the roses in the bunch, but after stew told him the roses could be for baby asher and ryder, he accepted. he was so proud when he walked in the door he could barely keep a straight face. these are the times want to save in my memory FOREVER! asher climbs to the top wednesday asher climbed to the top of the stairs all by himself! well, i guess it didn't hurt having his two older brothers calling to him from the top. we are now trying to show him how to climb down the stairs without diving head first. this could be an interesting few months! rainy daywednesday, our boys waited for the rain all day and finally he came. they were soaked and loving every minute of it!

asher one more week until he hits 9 months.

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