Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

plant with purpose


saturday the boys recovered from all their adventures in camping and that included a lot of tears and whining.  fortunately stew and i knew we were heading out in a short few hours.  my aunt came down for the day/night to watch our boys while stew and i joined some friends at their table for the planting hope gala.   before stew and i headed out my aunt spoiled my sister and i with a fun little pedicure (why do those ALWAYS feel so great?!).  it was at the salon that we decided i "needed" a new dress.  my aunt offered to get it for me for my birthday(yes, it's coming...yikes!).  so, at 3:15 we headed to tj maxx (my sister's brilliant idea!) in search of a dress.  we charged to the back of the store and immediately grabbed any and every decent looking dress.  my sister has the gift of being able to pick out clothes for people and knowing  exactly what will work for their body type and taste(love that in a sister).  it doesn't hurt that i love her style!  within about 10 minutes i was in a dressing room trying on dresses.  we walked out of the store 10 minutes later with a $7 dress (yes, it was $7!!) and a $25 pair of shoes! (thank you auntie!)  can you tell i love a great deal?!  all the deals aside it was an amazing night with friends (thank you joy and matt!)!  stew and i loved our night out with friends(if you don't know matt and joy you have to meet them!  they are amazing and will have you howling!) and love that our friends are about things that are so much bigger than themselves.  plant with purpose is phenomenal organization doing great things.  what special night to be a part of.

the $7 dress


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