Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i get to meet kelle hampton!

march of 2010 i was introduced(via donald miller's blog) to kelle hampton.  i read the birth story of her sweet baby nella and sobbed.  kelle opened up and allowed the world into a part of her life that wasn't fine groomed and perfect.  

the part that still gets me today,  is the deep level of love that was lived out through kelle's friends and family as they celebrated the birth of nella, even before she could.  i can only imagine the emotions she experienced as she was greeted by a baby girl that wasn't exactly what she was expecting.  how great that her friends stayed with her through the night, not allowing her to be alone in her darkest time.  it's a true friend that walks with you through the scary places of life without leaving.  

to be honest, i could go on and on about kelle hampton's story.  as a matter of fact many of my friends have heard me talk about her a little too much(as if kelle and i are friends.  ha!)!  the good news is most of them are fans as well.  

kelle hasn't let down syndrome define her daughter, but rather she's redefining the way the world views all kinds of children(LOVE THIS!), including those with down syndrome.  everyone can get behind that!

a few weeks ago, amanda told me about a casting call for infantino/second step.  the chosen kids would be photographed by kelle for an advertisement photo shoot.  (are you kidding me?!  i would LOVE to meet kelle hampton and would die to have her photograph my kids!!) amanda encouraged me to throw my kids' names (and pictures) into the hat.  i went for it, assuming that we wouldn't hear anything back.  i know our kids are amazing little hunkys (i am their mom and very biased), but we're not really model people (and we're more than fine with that!).  you can imagine my surprise when i received a congratulations email from the casting director of inantino/second step.  our whole crew was in the van heading home from my parents as i read the email.  i screamed!!  stew had to tell me to calm down since i was scaring our children.  poor ryder almost cried and asked me to, "never do that again, mommy."  

this week isaac and ryder will be doing a photo shoot for second step with kelle hampton as the photographer!  i might need to tone it down a bit so i don't totally embarrass my husband and kids myself when we show up!  who am i kidding?!  i might run right up and hug kelle.  she has inspired me as a mom and as a friend.  we all need those kinds heroes in life and i am meeting one of mine this week!

hope your week is full of fun little surprises!  i'll keep you posted on ours:)

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